Create & deliver custom video analytics solutions in minutes

Lumeo is a "no-code" custom video analytics platform that allows providers to deliver new solutions easily with drag & drop tools and pre-built analytic building blocks.


The only no-code video analytic builder of its kind.

Create custom analytics in minutes with 100s of ready-to-use tools, AI models, and connectors.

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Drag & Drop Solutions Designer

Effortlessly create custom video analytic solutions using our innovative drag and drop tools. No programming experience required.

100s of Ready-to-use AI models, Connectors & Utilities

Build a solution for your exact specific needs. Select from any of our growing list of ready-to-use cutting edge AI models. Or upload and use your own.

Plug & Play

Works with existing cameras and video management systems. Lumeo auto-discovers your cameras & video streams and makes them available to use.

APIs Developers Would Love

If you are looking for more than no-code, Lumeo offers a full set of REST APIs, programmable nodes, OpenCV support and more.

Unlimited Solutions.

Easily build & deliver solutions like these in under 10 minutes.

Privacy Masking

Redact people, faces, license plates, and other personally identifiable objects before you stream or save video, to comply with regulations.

Overtime Parking

Monitor how long cars have been parked in a given region, and highlight those that cross a threshold. Display this information on the video stream or send it out to a dashboard or report.

Occupancy Counting

Count the number of people, vehicles or other objects in a region.


Detect loitering and highlight people who have been in the region for over a certain threshold.

Entry / Exit Counting

Count the number of vehicles, people, etc. crossing through the scene. Display on the video in real time or send it to a reporting service periodically.

License Plate Recognition

Recognize license plates & make/model/color for vehicles, trigger alerts or display information from other systems using license plate information.

All-in-one custom video analytics platform.

Lumeo is a complete platform that offers everything you need to design, deliver, and monitor custom video analytics.

Unlimited Analytics

Create as many analytics as you need from our ever growing library.

Object counting, line crossing, queue monitoring, dwell tracking, and more.

Integrations & Utilities

All the building blocks you'll need for any use case you can imagine

Transform video, redact objects, add overlays, stream WebRTC or RTSP, save clips

Ready-to-use AI Models

Use Lumeo's curated library of vision AI models, or bring your own models.

Detect & classify People, Vehicles, Faces, License plates, Hard hats, etc.

Fully Extensible

Use the Lumeo API to embed analytics in your solution or manage cameras.

Want to build your own analytics? Use custom code & OpenCV without opening an IDE.

Camera Agnostic

Use any media source you want, for real time or after-the-fact analytics.

Built-in support for any ONVIF / USB Camera, RTSP stream or recorded media.

VMS and NVRs

Integrates with VMS and NVRs for a single-pane-of-glass experience.

Extract streams from your VMS, process with Lumeo and feed them back.

Edge or Cloud

Optimize for cost or convenience, and operate in low bandwidth environments.

Deploy analytics in Lumeo's cloud, your cloud, existing on-prem GPUs or AI gateways.

Built-in Monitoring

Deliver reliability easily, with real time monitoring of your cameras and analytics.

Alerts, webhooks and integrations make it easy to reduce downtime.

Simply priced.

Usage based pricing

All-you-can-eat analytics with a per-stream or per-video-hour monthly subscription. Scales with usage, so you can stop worrying about contracts or capacity.

Volume & commit discounts

Automatic discounts as your usage grows and lower prices for committed usage allow you to scale without worrying about cost.

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