OAKLAND, CA September 22, 2021. Lumeo, a designer of computervision solutions, has added Parking Management building blocks to its “no-code”custom video analytics platform. The new building blocks enable solutionproviders to create analytics that help commercial parking facilities useexisting camera infrastructure to maximize efficiency, utilizing real-time datapowered by artificial intelligence.

“LaunchingLumeo in June of this year was just the beginning,” said Devarshi Shah, LumeoCo-Founder & CEO. “We continue to add new features and are pleased toannounce the release of Parking Management, a set of building blocks thatenable providers to deploy solutions for commercial parking – found inuniversities, malls, hospitals, sports complexes, and the like – to bettermanage their facilities.”

Lumeo’sParking Management building blocks include AI models for vehicle detection frommultiple angles, license plate recognition, and analytic modules to computeoccupancy and parking time. Parking facilities typically exhibit unique cameraangles across low, medium and high vantage points because cameras are mountedon gates, low height garages and light poles--and Lumeo’s vantage-pointoptimized AI models allow solution providers to improve accuracy by picking theright model for their customer’s existing camera deployment.


Usingthese building blocks, solution providers can rapidly build solutions thatmonitor and report how long vehicles have been parked, highlight vehicles thathave crossed a time threshold, determine parking availability, count the numberof cars that enter and exit, track unauthorized parking, automatically billauthorized vehicles using license plate recognition, and more.


ParkingManagement is just one of many building blocks that Lumeo offers. Theaward-winning “no-code” video analytics platform offers drag-and-dropcustomization that works with any camera, video management solution, and eventhird-party analytics, to allow providers to rapidly tweak their analytics orcamera positioning for optimal performance

“Lumeois designed to help software providers and system integrators solve thechallenges of embedding computer vision or video analytics into existinginfrastructure,” said Shah. “It replaces the need for the too complicatedone-size-fits-all or too expensive tailormade analytics solutions with easytools that let integrators deploy their own solutions.”  


Lumeois an open and flexible video analytics platform that gives solution providersthe tools to harness computer vision, AI and cameras to make sense of videodata, with:

Plug-n-playbuilding blocks that enable a wide range of use cases

●      Use any camera, stream, mediafile, video management system, or NVR.

●      Ready-to-use, curated visionAI models for a wide set of use cases and support for your own AI models.

●      Pre-built analytics, videoutilities, data connectors, streaming and recording,

Easy-to-usetools that let you build analytics solutions in minutes, not months:

●      Drag and drop video analyticbuilder.

●      APIs and custom code that youcan embed in your own solution or extend for completely new use cases.

●      Fully integrated design anddeploy UI that makes it easy to scale from test to production.

Ability to runon the edge or the cloud:

●      Run analytics in Lumeo’scloud or B.Y.O cloud.

●      Use customer-owned on-premGPUs and AI gateways.

Lumeois billed on a pay-as-you-go usage-based model that allows companies of allsizes to get started with little to no investment and to scale with the benefitof volume discounts. Lumeo is currently being used by a wide range of solutionproviders, including national and local security integrators and startups to delivercustom analytics to retail, compliance, safety, operations and security.

Torequest a demo, contact info@lumeo.com or visit www.lumeo.com/demo.

About Lumeo

Lumeo is headquartered out ofOakland, CA, and fueled by a vision to transform how the world sees video.Lumeo is the first and only ‘no-code’ video analytic platform that empowerssolution providers with the ability to create and deliver custom analytics inminutes--with no technical skills needed. Using drag-and-drop tools, pre-builtanalytic building blocks, ready-to-use AI models and APIs, Lumeo lets providersinstantly add AI-powered analytics to their own solution or extend existing VMSand camera installations to increase revenue and bottom line. Lumeo’scloud-managed analytics can run in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid modelso you can optimize for convenience or cost. Learn more at www.lumeo.com


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